Become a SPB micro warehouser and reshipper

The challenge in e-commerce nowadays is not offering products on trade platforms or websites. The challenge is logistics... getting products to buyers within a reasonable time frame.

Because so much trade is now online, product delivery is the scale-limiting bottleneck.

Sumatra Pasak Bumi (SPB) is in Southeast Asia. Our products are based on plants native to Southeast Asia, they are processed here, and, obviously, shipped from here. Shipping time from Southeast Asia to Europe or North America can easily be one month, even by air. In addition, in times of trade wars and protectionism, customs and other border control agencies apply arbitrary delay tactics.

We at Sumatra Pasak Bumi now aim to have local stock at many locations throughout the world.

Traditionally, for the past two decades, we focused on selling quantities of hundreds of bottles to resellers in North America and Europe. Resellers purchased from us, and resold through their own strategies, and at their own pricing.

But we now offer an additional distribution model... a distribution model that recognizes that delivery structure is the key to business success.

Thus, we are willing to send stock from Southeast Asia to participants of our distribution model anywhere in the world, and we shoulder most of the financial risk.

To start with, the trade model applies to our own sexual enhancement herbals, but in principle, the model is scalable to encompass any kind of merchandise. A kind of

Because the initial product is sexual enhancement herbals, we are looking for participants who themselves consider chemically-aided optimal sex a key component of their private lives. "Scratch your own itches" has always been a sound idea for starting a business.

So, this is how it works: you purchase some enhancement herbals from us that you would like to buy anyway. If you already are a Sumatra Pasak Bumi Prime customer, you obtain free double quantity which could be your initial trade stock. Alternatively, receive trade stock for which you just pay shipping from Southeast Asia, some 20 percent of the product price.

Once you have trade stock, you can be part of our reshipper database. Your name and address will never appear on any website of ours. But we contact you by email or chat app once you have stock.

Once you are a reshipper, we list the stocked item as locally available. This reduces the price by 30 to 40 percent. And once we have a buyer in your country, you ship the item and earn 30 percent of the listed product price. Local shipping costs would have to be covered by you.

The benefit for you, apart from the 30 percent earning, includes cheaper access to sexual enhancement supplements you want to use anyway.

And please be aware that this model is scalable. Additional products can be added on and on. It's a micro warehousing and reshipping model that uses private space, just as Uber uses private means of transportation, or airbnb uses private accommodation.

To be part of this distribution please contact us by email.